Scrape Price Comparison Pro

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Scrape Price Comparison PRO

Scrape Price Comparison Pro is a WordPress plugin you can get the price in thousands shops online using the WooCommerce plugin to create a price comparison of products or add prices with a shortcode in any post, quickly and easily in a few minutes. Fetches prices live from other websites/shops and show your users the cheapest place to buy.

Codecanyon Version Lite: The scrape price is on the server side because it takes a few seconds to load the web. (It can be configured to only happen to the first visitor, depending on the configuration in the panel)

Before buying: To use this plugin requires programming knowledge, xpath code and meet the minimum requirements. We do not refund of money and we do not support the user. We also do not include update.

Some stores can block the scrape price (with captcha) and make the plugin not work. Example: Amazon has recently implemented this and blocks the scrape price and block when you make many scrapes price request.

PRO Version: The scrape price is on the client side, so the web loads and then scrape for the price.

Scrape Price Comparison Pro best algorithm to not influence the positioning in google and loading times of the web page. With the PRO version, load the web and then search for prices:

Add discount coupons to stores to get more commissions.


  • Fetches prices live from other websites/shops.
  • Works with the majority online shops.
  • PRO Add discount coupons from stores.
  • PRO version no longer takes many seconds to load your web page. Now load your website and look for the prices with a very attractive design for your customers.
  • PRO – The prices you look for use a new algorithm optimized and with a design for your future clients click on their affiliate links.
  • PRO – Set the response time, if your server the slow one with the pro plugin will no longer consume so many resources.
  • Show your users the cheapest place to buy.
  • Optimized to get/scrape the price.
  • Shortcode Price – Add price updated in post, page and widget text.
  • Affiliate system to add your affiliate tag to the end of the links or add your deeplink / affiliate link.
  • Choose your Run Frequency Price Update.
  • Installation, activation and easy configuration.
  • Simply, write the link of the product automatically creates the comparator table with the affiliate links.
  • Save the last price so that it always shows a price, in case the store is in maintenance or offline.
  • Configure the price of the shop easily thanks to the Xpath code, copy and paste. Need Google Chrome for get the xpath code.
  • Set up up to 15 shops to create your comparator and shortcode.
  • Option to convert the price with . in , (Example: 59.90€ -> 59,90€) This only works for numbers from 1 to 999.99
  • Totally customizable and responsive tables design.
  • Documentation and video tutorials for installation and configuration.

Scrape Price Comparison PRO


Fetches prices live from other websites, get the price of shops and show your users the cheapest place to buy the product.


Scrape the price works of the majority online shops.


Automatically add your affiliate tag to the end of the links or add your deeplink.


Get and add price updated in your post, page and widget text.


If the online store that you are scrape the price was in maintenance or off, the plugin save the last price so you do not lose commissions.


Choose how often you want the prices to be updated when you enter the product. You can configure for every minute, hour, day, week.


  • PHP 5.5+
  • 512MB but recommend 1024MB RAM in hosting
  • Good CPU in hosting
  • libcurl, dom, mbstring, iconv, json and simplexml extensions
  • Set the maximum execution time for PHP on your server
  • WordPress 3.5
  • IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome for admin panel wordpress
  • Google Chrome for get xpath code
  • Woocommerce 2.5
  • Recommend not using domain with ssl/https
  • No refunds.


Can I scrape price any website/shop?

No, you can scrape price from almost every website/shops that you open in your browser. Just be sure that the price is not generated dynamically by javascript/ajax. On some websites with security ssl/https the plugin not work.

Please contact us before buying the plugin to check your shops for comparison.


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